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U.S. National Guard

Advertising /Content /Design

While working at IO Studio in Nashville, Tennessee, we ran the National Guard digital account for over two years. In that time we, first, reposition the National Guard as “The Keepers of the Dream,” and then, refocused the entire purpose of the website. Guided by the goal to increase qualified leads quicker, we trimmed over 5,000 pages in order to streamline the recruiting process. After working with the NG call center, speaking with active NG soldiers, and potential recruits, we then focused on the content and jobs that were most attractive to recruits. We were responsible for creating and maintaining all content, including original photography and video, email campaigns, copy content and strategy. Within the first month, there was a 52% increase in qualified leads and drop-off rates decreased by almost two-thirds because applicants were able to get through the process clearer and quicker.

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One of the best experiences we had while working with the National Guard was to showcase the Best Warrior Competition. Fourteen elite National Guard Soldiers entered a punishing five-day, 24 hours a day competition to see who will be honored as Soldier of the Year. We created buzz about the competition then covered the crap out of it. We developed a 360 campaign with everything from, teasers, print, an event microsite with real time updates, to a “What kind of Warrior are You?” Facebook app. The actual coverage of the event produced 30+ online content films, a documentary, hundreds of uploads and was almost as grueling as the competition. Our campaign was runner up for an Effie. Damn Boy Scouts.