let's Grab a cold one, Kick off our shoes, and have a chat.


We’re a collective of creative minstrels, adventurers, tinkerers, and persistent creators who believe there is always a way to get it done.

We don't believe in red tape, the back-and-forth, the meeting-for-meetings-sake, and the let's-sit-on-it mentality. We make decisions, we expect honest collaboration and we make what we believe is best for you. We hold the concept of "play" in high regard and that we need more of it. 

Together, we'll move fast to uncover the right answers but never lose focus on producing beautiful and courageous solutions. We'd rather be honest with our messaging than try to be cool, we'd rather focus on executing than overthinking, and we'd rather eat street tacos than a gourmet pizza.


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what's the truest, Most honest, Raw, human, guttural reaction to your product or service, you can say?

At VGCA, we start every job simply by focusing on truths. And when we do so, we always find ourselves in the right headspace to uncover greatness. Then we geek out...HARD. We enjoy peeling back the layers of previous marketing mumbo-jumbo to strike gold and employ the true human emotions that cause people to react, good or bad.  Our detailed work ethic conjoined with our unapologetic "what if?" mentality is what drives us. Having access to the best writers, designers, strategists, shooters, developers, editors and producers, we maintain the collective flexibility to tailor our teams to each job so we can manage costs efficiently, cut time out of the process and unleash a heap load of creative dexterity by working with our partners to win more. So whether it's the beginning of a project, on set, in studio or in the middle of the desert, we expect everyone to live in the moment and enjoy the ride.

VGCA is a independently owned, non-union, non-signatory, non-exorbitantly-priced, no-bs creative agency.

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It's what we eat, sleep and breathe. We can engage consumers across every medium and prefer to leave our mark wherever we go. Our talented collective of writers and art directors will push ideas and executions to places that feel so good, so wrong, but oh so right. Extruding emotions that are undeniably true is our guiding focus and we look forward to partnering with brands who allow us to unleash and ride that 40-foot conceptual wave with guns blazing.



Led by our seasoned director, photographer and partner Eric Kiel, we are vertically integrated with an end-to-end solution that allows us to rapidly and efficiently produce high-quality content on every platform, and on-location anywhere in the world. We'll start by crafting the story, follow it up with striking visuals and wrap it up with a production that's engaging, hands-on and one-of-a-kind. The goal is to leave an impression with jaws open, emotions rising and the eyes craving for more.

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We're geeks for the trade. The nuances of crafting a brand identity or a multi layered tactile piece of collateral are what keep us awake late into the night. This obsession transcends all mediums from iconography to interactive to spatial design. Staring at walls of color, typography, shape solutions, textures, and materials will make a CPA want to cry, but for us, we prefer to take off all our clothes and roll around in it. Getting to know your brand intimately is our first objective, then giving it an uppercut shot of adrenaline is when the real festivities begin.

Below are Brands we work with & while employed by previous agencies:

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VGCA Principals

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Rob MCKinnie

Executive Creative Director

A seasoned creative veteran with over 15 years of experience building brands through advertising, content, and design. After starting his career in Atlanta, Rob has allowed himself to be influenced and inspired while creating in cities such as Austin, Nashville, Los Angeles, New York and Barcelona. As a Creative Director, Art Director, and Designer, Rob has the ability to look at creative, and even the everyday, with a more practical and strategic view that eliminates the unnecessary and bolsters the awesome and intriguing. His brain never really stops thinking about how things can be smarter, more creative or efficient. With the client’s mission and goals always at the core of any job, Rob prides himself on being able to keep his ideas and executions focused on what will help grow awareness and public desire. He's filled sketchbook after sketchbook with ideas for blue chip brands such as AT&T, Dell, Southwest Airlines, BMW, and Walmart, but truly loves partnering with audacious brands to develop and unleash their voice with authentic captivation.

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Eric kiel

Executive Director of Content

As an established director/photographer Eric has been drawn to clients that have a clear vision and open attitude. Working with his tight vertical team is what has kept Eric producing campaigns for over a decade for the likes of GMC, Land Rover, Chevrolet, Tabasco, Dicks Sporting Goods, and XOJet. Eric brings a director’s vision and a photographer’s eye along with a contagious enthusiasm to all projects at VGCA. He believes there are an endless number of stories that can be told in the faces, landscapes, and environments around the globe. His assignments result in top-flight moving and still images that drive campaigns and brings a brands point-of-view and personality to life. For VGCA Eric directs and captures most of the work, but when needed, has access to top directors and photographers around the world to produce, create, and curate amazing work.

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Sarah mayer

Director of Development & Accounts

Sarah’s consultative approach to client relationships is to first understand their unique set of challenges. Based on goals and market opportunities, she develops strategies that enable clients to achieve and exceed their objectives. Her creative planning and execution experience spans all facets of marketing including research, brand development, design, media, digital, event marketing and production for brands such as The University of Texas at Austin, Dell, Whole Foods, and ESPN. Beyond her agency experience, Sarah has garnered a unique broadcast understanding, from negotiating television placement for CBS to announcing live at one Winter and three Summer XGames. She believes that good brand experiences should be felt by the customer and loves helping her clients bridge those gaps through clever communication and emotive design.

ADVERTISING / CONTENT / DESIGN / products / disruptions /  Tall tales / STORIES / JOKES / Statements / SIGNage / MUSIC / TRAILS / ART / NOISE / DUST / memories / Surfboards / travel / Cold Beer  / Old Trucks / classic cars / Waves / Dominos / College Football / Barbecue  / fire pits / Standup Paddling / open waters / Topo Chico / Mutts / family / fresh air / GIN / experiences / tacos