eric lindell

Film / ph0tography

Music has always been a big part of our director Eric Kiel's life and has always wanted to play percussion in a band. He reminds us he is still working on that if this gig doesn’t work out. Sometimes in this crazy world of creative endevors, it's good to take a left turn to be inspired, stretch as a creative and go produce personal work because it always leads to other doors opening.  Eric Lindell is an amazing/talented blues musician from New Orleans and someone Eric calls a friend today.  For this project what was suppose to be shooting a few portraits for his album turned into a mini documentary about Eric and the making of his album. Capturing Eric was very organic, vs. a planned minute by minute production.  It was an amazing reminder of why we originally got into shooting pictures and films. Being able to work & travel to great locations, meet amazing individuals and take part in telling authentic stories through capturing real moments and one-of-a-kind experiences.