Film / photography

This project was shot for Bader Rutter in Milwaukee, WI.  We got to produce this back in Eric's old stomping grounds of Indiana.  The idea for this project was to tell the story about the day in the life of a typical Mycogen farmer.  It was important to show how they use their product for growing their crops, but also weaving into the story b-roll from their laboratories and b-roll of the harvest season.  While filming we were also running around shooting stills, not just for the fun of it but to build a library of branded visual content for use in other marketing materials. Now this wasn't our first time doing this type of production but It was important, right down to the color, to make sure film and stills matched up. In the end we weren't sure but we guesstimated it was a great success by all the high fives and chest bumps the Mycogen team threw our way.