Land Rover

FILM / Photography

Land Rover is one of the most iconic off-road vehicles on the planet. Laird Hamilton is one most iconic waterman on the planet. So when you combine these two icons of the outdoors it makes for great content.  As a creative when you get the opportunity to collaborate with an individual you’ve always admired it takes the production to another level.  Eric was approached by FoxTrot Papa ad agency in London to produce a commercial for the new redesigned Land Rover Discovery.  We got the opportunity to shoot at the famous Point Mugu beach outside LA.  The one variable is we had one day to shoot this commercial.  Not a problem.  We had an amazing team help pull this off sunrise to sunset.  The results were awesome, and you would never know we accomplished the whole shoot in a day.  Hats off to our production team, Land Rover, and big thanks to Laird for being such a team player for 10 hours.  First and last time in Eric's life he gets to tell Laird Hamilton what to do.