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design / Content

Located in the heart of Winston-Salem's oldest neighborhood lies Chatham, an unspoiled and naturally private piece of land. This farm turned new development was in need of a brand and collateral that reflected the elegance of the future while respecting the heritage that will remain. The vision is to establish a brand that projects a place that is both private and public, exceptional and understated.

For us it was simple, the heritage fencing that wove throughout the property was the thread that tied it all together. This rustic emblem aligned with a classic font, such as Goudy Old Style, was a perfect match. From there we continued to use more inspiration from the property including a pair of old barn doors with a classic chevron pattern. 

From the subtleness of the brand to the photography and eventually the property vision book, it was essential to paint a picture of a living experience unlike any other. Complete with hardwood veneer and linen fabric on the cover sleeve of the book, having a tactile experience was important. When flipping through the pages we wanted potential buyers to understand that they are getting a unique opportunity to buy in a awesome landscape.