U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Advertising / Digital design

Veteran unemployment is a huge problem. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce created a program called Hiring Our Heroes to combat the issue. While working at IO Studio in Nashville, TN the Chamber partnered with us to build, a first of it's kind, web application that translates a veteran's military experience into a comprehensive civilian resume. It worked like gang-busters. Veterans now had a robust tool that not only helped with their resumes but also gave them the confidence to be able to transition back into civilian life.

Once the heavy stuff was set we had to get traffic to the site. Through job fair support and a strategic print campaign aimed at employers called "Over Qualified", we helped over 31,000 veterans and their spouses connect with committed HOH partner employers. Our campaign confronted the conflict that veterans aren’t qualified employees when in reality they are most likely over qualified. By not shying away from the stereotypes, the campaign acknowledges the falsehoods and then clobbers them with a giant hammer.

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